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Integrity, Trust and Service

Financial consultancy

As investment consultants, the primary thrust of the practice is dealing with high net-worth individuals by helping those individuals manage assets. Some of our clients require management of their personal assets, while others have become clients as a result of receiving lump-sum distributions from qualified pension plans. Since tax laws governing the distribution of money from retirement plans are very complex, we believe that it is essential for people to be working with professionals in that area. Moreover, once those retirement assets are distributed, it becomes even more crucial for those assets to be managed professionally.

We establish a close working relationship with our clients. In addition to managing assets, we establish ourselves as our client’s Financial Advocate. As such, we become our client’s “brainstorming center”when it comes to financial affairs.

As a result, our team has gained a reputation in the Baltimore-Washington area for an unparalleled commitment of service to our clients, while maintaining high standards of integrity and trust.